World Travellin'!

2016-02-15 08:51:13 by BananaBatN

Hello my dear Friends & Fans!


I am living in another country, and I can fly home only once per year, and this time has come, so I will be unavaible for 2 or 3 month (around March April and May(be)), that means I can't bring my setup with me, so unfortunatelly I have to cancel my projects that are in hurry :(


But I'll be back in May!


Until then, Everybody have a nice day! :)


~ Banana Bat / Laci

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!


This is a *late* night (early morning?) piano impro to my wife

called 5 AM:

Tomorrow I will start to work on an Epic music (it's not my main thing, but an animator student wants me to write an epic orchestral bgm for his animation so I will try my best in this new genre (at least still new to me), there will be 2 fighters in the movie, more details later :P ) :)

Everybody have a nice Valentine's Day!
~ Banana Bat

My 1st Video Game! :)

2016-02-11 23:33:18 by BananaBatN

Hello People!


I'm still sick a little bit, but I just can't sleep all day in the bed, so...


I always wanted to try it, so I started to make a game some days ago, and I'm a noob but I enjoy playing around in Unity, that's what I use for making the game. I've found it on the internet last week, it's free (legit/legal/legwhateveryouknow)


The C# scripting is very difficult sometimes, but I can always look up some answers online, because luckily there are tons of good tutorials, videos and good documentation of Unity.


So here is my 3rd DevLog of the game:

The music is just a placeholder (composed by me), I started to compose it for another guy's game, but he told me he don't really like it yet, so I just put it in this game, I will write something better for him.


This C# scripting makes me nerdy, there was a little bit difficult problem (probably easy for pros), that I wanted to make a double jump, and I did, but I couldn't figure out how to change the normal jump animation to the double jump animation, until this morning. And problems and problemsolving like this made me feel a little weird, when I stopped working on it, I went to the local shop to buy some food, and I noticed that I am looking at things and thinking about how they work and things like this, I never did this before, I hope I'm not going mad or something :D


Anyways, if you have suggestion for this game, what should I do, what should I put in it, and good ideas are welcome, this will be my first game, so probably I will make it slowly, because I'm still learning Unity and scripting, but for start this is OK I think.

Everybody have a nerdy day! :)


PS as always:
The next things what I want to do are these:

1.) Put in some moving enemy (some kind of creatures) that can kill you


2.) Death animation, or some kind of smokey particle-magic, using Unity's particle system, I found some useful videos on YouTube that are teaching how to do that, so probably I will do that for the next update


PS. all the art-work/animations are made by me and they are just placeholders for prototyping, if I can make a little more functioning game, and if I have more free time, I will make some new art, that are beautiful (at least a little bit more that this! :))

Busi(ck)ness (what??)

2016-02-09 14:13:37 by BananaBatN

Hello People!


I'm sick, and busy nowadays, busy both in this online game world and "real" life too.


And the projects that I'm working on (for some other people),

I can't show you yet,

but I started to make MY OWN GAME! :D

that I CAN show you!


But nothing much to show (to your eyes) yet, I'm working on it,

but for now, I will show you (to your ears)

one of the VGMs that I plan to put in the game:


It will be an RPG game, I try to make it simple, but simple is still difficult for me (in game development).


Anyways, have a nice people! :)


PS. If you have any suggestion about RPG games, please let me know

(I never made a game before (I tried, but I failed... :D))

Busy with new projects!

2016-02-04 20:54:09 by BananaBatN

Hello Dear Friends & Fans!



I was quite quiet in the last few days, because I contacted with some game maker people and some animator people who I am making some music for now.


Currently it looks like I have at least 5 projects to simultaniously work on.
That means, a little bit more than 20 music tracks (for all the different projects altogether),
so I just wanted to tell you why I haven't uploaded anything nowadays.


After I finished the work on these projects,
I will share with you all the music that I made for them,
(but only if/when the project leaders allow me to share it).



Until then, have a nice time and enjoy Newgroundin'! :)


(And thanks for the short read!)


~ Banana Bat


PS. AND as always, I want to say a warm welcome to my 3 new Fans & Friends here:

@omithealien (She is one of the 5 project leaders that I make music for (2 animations and 1 game for her).)

@RobertZahnComp (This guy is a new NG member, but he is an awesome VGM/Film composer talent! He knows what he's doing. Be sure to check out his stuff on his NG page!)

@ScepterDPinoy (This guy makes awesome pixel art! You will find awesome pics on his NG page! Check him out too!)

NEW SONG [WIP]: Final Mood Maker :)

2016-01-29 14:16:32 by BananaBatN

Hello My Friends & Fans! :)


As I promised, I made something more interesting than the last "Dracula harpsichord"-thing, because I have some more free time on this weekend.

Final Mood Maker [WIP]
I call this a Final Mood Maker because it reminds me of some older Final Fantasy VGM, and it makes me want to play FF!

I hope you like it and made you play FF! :)


Have a nice day, People!


PS. If any of you need this type of music, tell me!
I enjoy making this style of RPG music so much, hell I'll do it for FREE! :)

NEW SONG [WIP]: Dracula At The Harpsichord >:D

2016-01-27 22:05:21 by BananaBatN

Hello My Newgrounder Friends and Fans!


I just want to share my new short Gargoyle's Quest II type of (baroque style) VGM loop:

Dracula At The Harpsichord [WIP]

I plan to make many different versions of this thing, for ex. Basson + Clarinet or maybe Flute (or something like that), or Organ(!), or even an 8-bit chiptune version made with FamiTracker, so I can export file formats that NES actually can read!


And last but not least I would like to say a warm welcome to my 4 new fans:


For now, enjoy this little loop, and maybe some days later I will have some more free time, so prepare for more! ;)


Everybody have a nice day!

- Banana Bat / Laci

NEW SONG [WIP]: 8-Bit Boss Banger! :)

2016-01-26 08:28:31 by BananaBatN

Hello New Newgrounder Friends! :)


I just want to share my new (WIP) song here:

8-Bit Boss Banger

And I want to say a warm welcome to my first 3 fans:

Thank you for joining me! It's very good feeling to know that some people see value in my works and enjoy listening to my stuff!


So let's enjoy my newest 8-bit thing together! :)

See you at the next one!

Everybody have a nice day!

- Banana Bat / Laci


PS. (I hope the link is working, because usually it's not, and usually I don't know why not, but usually I don't care too... :)...)

I'm saying "Hello! :)"

2016-01-24 20:48:33 by BananaBatN

Hello Everyone!


I never wrote here anything before, because I thought nobody reads these news things, but now I'll give it a try.. :)

So my first "News Post" would be a short self-introduction:

I have a bachelor diploma of organ and piano teaching, I am a piano teacher in the "real life", but in my free time I like to dive into composing music for video games or videos/animations/short movies, etc., and I play the guitar and ukulele/guitarlele and some percussion instruments too, but my main thing is the piano now, the others I don't play them very well.

Now I'm freelancing in this VGM/filmscoring business, so if you like my music, just shoot me a PM, and I'll be happy to help you out with some good music.

Or if you prefer e-mails, here is my e-mail address:

I'm into many different music genres, but if I had to choose 1 main genre that probably would be orchestral and piano stuff. (I know these are not genres but at least the intruments are there :) )
I will work for FREE, because I want to build up my portfolio with actual works, like my music in games/videos etc.. (not only songs by themselves).

I found this Newgrounds site and I hope maybe here I can find some new friends and collab-mates who I can do some work with, be it a video game or animation or whatever really.

OK, I don't want to make most of you tired reading a lot, so I will stop here.

And please let me know in a PM or comment or whatever if you need me to write some music for a project. I'll do it for free (for now).


Everybody Have a nice day!

- Banana Bat

PS. Btw, if you don't want to call me Banana Bat, you may call me by my nickname is Laci, it's a popular hungarian guy's nickname, and it sounds like "lot see"

PS #2. Sorry for my bad French


PS #3. Oh and I have a website that I'm trying to build on my own by having fun with Inkscape and HTML5/CCS3 coding (not that much fun :D), there are some FREE Sheet Music (only Piano for now), FREE Synth Presets and Royalty Free music/logos downloads/links if you are interested.

So my website: