Entry #1

I'm saying "Hello! :)"

2016-01-24 20:48:33 by BananaBatN

Hello Everyone!


I never wrote here anything before, because I thought nobody reads these news things, but now I'll give it a try.. :)

So my first "News Post" would be a short self-introduction:

I have a bachelor diploma of organ and piano teaching, I am a piano teacher in the "real life", but in my free time I like to dive into composing music for video games or videos/animations/short movies, etc., and I play the guitar and ukulele/guitarlele and some percussion instruments too, but my main thing is the piano now, the others I don't play them very well.

Now I'm freelancing in this VGM/filmscoring business, so if you like my music, just shoot me a PM, and I'll be happy to help you out with some good music.

Or if you prefer e-mails, here is my e-mail address:

I'm into many different music genres, but if I had to choose 1 main genre that probably would be orchestral and piano stuff. (I know these are not genres but at least the intruments are there :) )
I will work for FREE, because I want to build up my portfolio with actual works, like my music in games/videos etc.. (not only songs by themselves).

I found this Newgrounds site and I hope maybe here I can find some new friends and collab-mates who I can do some work with, be it a video game or animation or whatever really.

OK, I don't want to make most of you tired reading a lot, so I will stop here.

And please let me know in a PM or comment or whatever if you need me to write some music for a project. I'll do it for free (for now).


Everybody Have a nice day!

- Banana Bat

PS. Btw, if you don't want to call me Banana Bat, you may call me by my nickname is Laci, it's a popular hungarian guy's nickname, and it sounds like "lot see"

PS #2. Sorry for my bad French


PS #3. Oh and I have a website that I'm trying to build on my own by having fun with Inkscape and HTML5/CCS3 coding (not that much fun :D), there are some FREE Sheet Music (only Piano for now), FREE Synth Presets and Royalty Free music/logos downloads/links if you are interested.

So my website:


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2016-01-24 21:09:30

Hello there,welcome to Newgrounds!

BananaBatN responds:


It's always nice to see nice people in such a nice time like my free time in such a nice place like Newgrounds! :)


2016-01-24 22:11:05

Hi dude! We like you :)

BananaBatN responds:

Thanks, you made my day! :D Now I like you too!


2016-01-25 00:02:17

Welcome to newgrounds m8.
Hope you can get a good time here!!!
Now you have a new follower

BananaBatN responds:

Thank you m8! :)


2016-01-25 04:45:06

Welcome to Newgrounds.com!
Nice to meet you!
Nice music!
Goodluck with it!

BananaBatN responds:

Thanks Croude! I'm happy to see that there are not only nice music, but a lot of nice people on Newgrounds!


2016-01-25 08:10:47

What's up ;) Ill show you some support!

BananaBatN responds:

Thanks for your kindness and support LaserVision! :)


2016-03-26 13:50:28

how r u?