NEW SONG [WIP]: 8-Bit Boss Banger! :)

2016-01-26 08:28:31 by BananaBatN

Hello New Newgrounder Friends! :)


I just want to share my new (WIP) song here:

8-Bit Boss Banger

And I want to say a warm welcome to my first 3 fans:

Thank you for joining me! It's very good feeling to know that some people see value in my works and enjoy listening to my stuff!


So let's enjoy my newest 8-bit thing together! :)

See you at the next one!

Everybody have a nice day!

- Banana Bat / Laci


PS. (I hope the link is working, because usually it's not, and usually I don't know why not, but usually I don't care too... :)...)


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2016-01-26 08:40:05

It sounds cool dude!

Also, I like yellow boomerangs :^D

BananaBatN responds:

As much as I like red cabbages! >:D


2016-01-26 08:48:14

Awesome music!

BananaBatN responds:

Thanks, it's still just an idea, but I plan to continue it some time!


2016-01-26 10:33:59

haha nice sounds!!!

BananaBatN responds:

Thanks, I'm still new in this 8-bit game and honestly I was a little lazy to make some original sounds with these chiptune sound generator VSTi plugins, so I just used some preset sounds of ICECREAM, Famisynth and Magical 8bit VSTi, but next time I will try to MAKE the sounds (instead of just CHOOSING them)