NEW SONG [WIP]: Dracula At The Harpsichord >:D

2016-01-27 22:05:21 by BananaBatN

Hello My Newgrounder Friends and Fans!


I just want to share my new short Gargoyle's Quest II type of (baroque style) VGM loop:

Dracula At The Harpsichord [WIP]

I plan to make many different versions of this thing, for ex. Basson + Clarinet or maybe Flute (or something like that), or Organ(!), or even an 8-bit chiptune version made with FamiTracker, so I can export file formats that NES actually can read!


And last but not least I would like to say a warm welcome to my 4 new fans:


For now, enjoy this little loop, and maybe some days later I will have some more free time, so prepare for more! ;)


Everybody have a nice day!

- Banana Bat / Laci


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