Busy with new projects!

2016-02-04 20:54:09 by BananaBatN

Hello Dear Friends & Fans!



I was quite quiet in the last few days, because I contacted with some game maker people and some animator people who I am making some music for now.


Currently it looks like I have at least 5 projects to simultaniously work on.
That means, a little bit more than 20 music tracks (for all the different projects altogether),
so I just wanted to tell you why I haven't uploaded anything nowadays.


After I finished the work on these projects,
I will share with you all the music that I made for them,
(but only if/when the project leaders allow me to share it).



Until then, have a nice time and enjoy Newgroundin'! :)


(And thanks for the short read!)


~ Banana Bat


PS. AND as always, I want to say a warm welcome to my 3 new Fans & Friends here:

@omithealien (She is one of the 5 project leaders that I make music for (2 animations and 1 game for her).)

@RobertZahnComp (This guy is a new NG member, but he is an awesome VGM/Film composer talent! He knows what he's doing. Be sure to check out his stuff on his NG page!)

@ScepterDPinoy (This guy makes awesome pixel art! You will find awesome pics on his NG page! Check him out too!)


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2016-02-04 22:06:05

well, you have work to do... better start!

BananaBatN responds:

I'm on it! ;)


2016-02-05 02:15:16

Thanks for the plug, my man.

BananaBatN responds:

It's automatic for cool material ;)


2016-02-06 16:35:22

Thank you BananaBatN.

(Updated ) BananaBatN responds:

Yeah no problem, I'm a little busy in "real" life too nowadays, I got new students to teach, but I will try to find some free time for your projects as well, so don't worry! :)