Busi(ck)ness (what??)

2016-02-09 14:13:37 by BananaBatN

Hello People!


I'm sick, and busy nowadays, busy both in this online game world and "real" life too.


And the projects that I'm working on (for some other people),

I can't show you yet,

but I started to make MY OWN GAME! :D

that I CAN show you!


But nothing much to show (to your eyes) yet, I'm working on it,

but for now, I will show you (to your ears)

one of the VGMs that I plan to put in the game:



It will be an RPG game, I try to make it simple, but simple is still difficult for me (in game development).


Anyways, have a nice people! :)


PS. If you have any suggestion about RPG games, please let me know

(I never made a game before (I tried, but I failed... :D))


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2016-02-10 01:23:24

well thats cool. I dont like the rpg too much but good luck!!!

BananaBatN responds:

And how about a 2D side-scroll runner? :D

I changed my mind, I will do the RPG later, it's way more complicated to make than I thought, so I will try to make a runner game first.
I hope I will have a little more success with that!


2016-02-10 23:40:18

Yeah!! it sounds cool.