My 1st Video Game! :)

2016-02-11 23:33:18 by BananaBatN

Hello People!


I'm still sick a little bit, but I just can't sleep all day in the bed, so...


I always wanted to try it, so I started to make a game some days ago, and I'm a noob but I enjoy playing around in Unity, that's what I use for making the game. I've found it on the internet last week, it's free (legit/legal/legwhateveryouknow)


The C# scripting is very difficult sometimes, but I can always look up some answers online, because luckily there are tons of good tutorials, videos and good documentation of Unity.


So here is my 3rd DevLog of the game:

The music is just a placeholder (composed by me), I started to compose it for another guy's game, but he told me he don't really like it yet, so I just put it in this game, I will write something better for him.


This C# scripting makes me nerdy, there was a little bit difficult problem (probably easy for pros), that I wanted to make a double jump, and I did, but I couldn't figure out how to change the normal jump animation to the double jump animation, until this morning. And problems and problemsolving like this made me feel a little weird, when I stopped working on it, I went to the local shop to buy some food, and I noticed that I am looking at things and thinking about how they work and things like this, I never did this before, I hope I'm not going mad or something :D


Anyways, if you have suggestion for this game, what should I do, what should I put in it, and good ideas are welcome, this will be my first game, so probably I will make it slowly, because I'm still learning Unity and scripting, but for start this is OK I think.

Everybody have a nerdy day! :)


PS as always:
The next things what I want to do are these:

1.) Put in some moving enemy (some kind of creatures) that can kill you


2.) Death animation, or some kind of smokey particle-magic, using Unity's particle system, I found some useful videos on YouTube that are teaching how to do that, so probably I will do that for the next update


PS. all the art-work/animations are made by me and they are just placeholders for prototyping, if I can make a little more functioning game, and if I have more free time, I will make some new art, that are beautiful (at least a little bit more that this! :))


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2016-02-12 02:45:53

Nice. I'll follow you just to see updates on this game. If you need any custom music, just send me a PM.


2016-02-12 11:36:36

seems like things are going wel... keep up!!!!