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Black Marsh at Dawn Black Marsh at Dawn

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is great! I'm into VGM especially RPG/Fantasy style scores, but I do more "traditional" types of music (think of older Final Fantasy tunes), but this song is really nice! I like the beginning the most! Those bird sounds, wave/wind effects and stuff really pull me into this magical world that you've created here.

I like your use of chords too, the arrangement is good, but my favorite thing is the quality of the sound, I'm not exactly sure, how to say, maybe your good mixing made it sound sooo good? :)

Anyways, I just want to show my respect to you, and want to tell you if you upload 1 more song with this same good quality, I'll be happy to "Scout" you.

Scouting will help you to get more views/reviews and interaction with other people on the site, because after you're scouted by someone, your next uploaded music will appear in the Audio Portal, you know, in this thing: "Latest / Greatest / Popular" etc., and that will give you much more views.

I would put a link here for you about scouting, but I can't really do that because if I'm right it's not allowed to put links into review comments, but if you search for this in google:
Handy-Dandy Scouting Newgrounds
then you will find some more info about... scouting :)

By the way, I've listened to your other 2 songs, and they are also great, but this is my personal favorite :)

Anyways, have a nice day and Welcome to Newgrounds!

- Banana Bat / Laci

(PS. By the way, I'm nobody, just a normal user, just like you, but I was scouted by somebody, and now I can scout people too, and after you have a 4th song uploaded, I would be happy to scout you

PS #2. I hope I didn't type or phrase(?) anything (too) wrong, because I usually do, so sorry about it, I hope you still can guess the meaning :))

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RobertZahnComp responds:

Hey, thanks man. I really appreciate it. More is definitely coming! Thanks in advance for the "scout". :)

Yeah i'm super new to Newgrounds as a member. I used to hang on this site years ago but just made my profile like a week ago!

No worries man. Your English is perfect! What city are you from? I worked on cruise ships for like 2 years...have a bunch of friends from Thailand. :) I'm thinking of visiting sometime soon actually.

Vigor Vigor

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is very cool!
I always dig the new genre-maker music like this.

I think dubstep fans would listen to this as well as electro-house fans, I think this could make some dubstep fans starting to like elector-house, good style!

I give it a 4.5 because I think the mixing is not very well balanced somehow (at least to my ears) to me the metallic-robotic plucky bass synth is a little bit too loud compared to some other things like the accordeon-thing and the violins sometimes, I would prefer to hear a little more of the violins and stuff like that, you know what I mean, I fell like I'm listening to the music, and there is the bass, and soon another synth is coming in, and I'm starting to listening to that new synth, but the bass synth is always poking on my shoulder like "Hey, don't listen to that, listen to me! I'm the bass, Man!" :) something like that, but that's cool if that was your plan,

and I would make the riser a little louder,

and there are some parts that I miss some things, like I hear a hole in the song, like a missing synth or something,

but that's all really, I like the melodies, the chords, the sound design is also nice, and the arrangement is organic,
I just wanted to give you my opinion that may help you a little bit.

Anyhow, great job! :)

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creepy creepy

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I like this one!

The guy above is right, don't be too much critical with your own work, it' not worth it, and I say don't aim perfection (at least I'm trying this way), it just makes people stressful.

Anyways I think this is cool and if you want 1 little suggestion on the technical/compositional side, I honestly think this piece is great as it is already, but for example in a longer map in a game this would be a little bit short and repetitive, but that robot factory thing is kind of true :D

Keep it up!
Put up some more of this and I'm sure you'll get into the Audio portal!

( PS. I don't know Goth music too much, I thought it's some kind of rock sub-genre, maybe you messed up the genre selection by accident? I think this would have more views/reviews in the Electronic-Industrial or Video Game or maybe Ambient category, just sayin )

kirs10 responds: